Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are a pact between Indiasneed.com and you. The agreement lays down general terms and conditions for using the Indiasneed.com site and its products or services. The Terms contain important information about the property rights over the content published here, about the owner’s responsibility (“us” “we”) for it, and third party content, on top of a disclaimer. Using this site confirms that you accept the Terms and agree to comply with them.

Indiasneed.com terms of service

By entering Indiasneed.com, you agree to the terms of service. Our Terms of service describe the rights and obligations of using our site. Staying on our site and accessing our service, you consent that you have read and understood these rights and terms.

Furthermore, your use of Indiasneed.com content and services is subject to all applicable laws and regulations. In case you do not agree to ANY of the Terms of Service, please desist from using this site’s content and services. Keep in mind our Privacy Policy runs the use of this site.

Basic terms

This website is provided by Indiasneed.com and is subject to all the following terms of service. According to our discretion, the terms of service might be updated regularly with or without notification. Please ensure you review the terms of services often in case there are any changes. After being posted, all guidelines or updated guidelines, or new guidelines are incorporated effectively into the full body of these terms of service.

Content & services

Every service and content offered to users by Indiasneed.com is done so fully at our discretion. This may comprise but is not limited to forums, polls, contests, website reviews, and other services and features. This information might be deleted, modified, or updated at any time with or without notification. Unless stated otherwise, all images, text, logos, photographs, statistics, other media, and intellectual property are subject to these terms of service.

It is also imperative that you understand that the website and everything offered here is offered on an ‘AS IS’ basis and that Indiasneed.com takes no responsibility in conjunction with your use of the website content, feature, or any website service. Everything is provided strictly for your enjoyment and noncommercial entertainment. As applicable, whatever is downloaded may be done so to a single mobile or computing device. No service or content may be republished, modified, publicly displayed, or distributed short of the express written consent of Indiasneed.com. Besides, the right to withhold such permission is withheld at our discretion.

Privacy policy

Privacy policy is part of the terms applied to the use of our website. Click here to read our Privacy policy. You agree and acknowledge that internet transmission isn’t secure completely by viewing and accessing the site. You ought to consider that any data you send to Indiasneed.com may be intercepted or read by others, even if there is encryption on a particular transmission.

Indiasneed.com warranties and disclaimer 

If you continue to use the website, it is an indication that you clearly understand and agree to all of the following in their entirety.

  1.     The use of this website, content, and services is at your own risk. Everything is offered on an available and on ‘AS IS’ basis. Indiasneed.com clearly disclaims all warranties irrespective of type. It comprises any implied or expressed warranties like non-infringement, fitness for a particular purpose, and implied warranties of merchantability.  
  2.     Indiasneed.com does not make any guarantees or warranties that:
  3.     The website, content, or service will be what you are looking for.
  4.     The site’s content or services will be timely, secure, error-free, or uninterrupted.
  5.     Any findings obtained from anything on the site will be reliable and accurate.
  6.     The quality gotten from the site’s content, product, services, information or other services will meet your expectations.
  7.     Any errors in the software will be attempted to be corrected or corrected.
  8.     Any service or material gotten or downloaded from the site is solely and completely at your discretion. In addition, you solely consent to be responsible for any loss of data or damage to your computer system that may result from such an activity.
  9.     Nothing gotten from the site content or services of any type offer guarantee or warranty except if stated in terms of service.

Liability limitation

In no way are we liable for any damages that you may sustain in relation to the connection to the use of the site or the information published in it. We ensure we keep the articles, links, and details on this website updated. However, we are not liable for discrepancies or errors made by third parties. We do not guarantee the presence of satisfactory quality of our website for particular purposes of use. The site was created for information purposes, and there aren’t any gambling services offered on it. Indiasneed.com won’t be held accountable if you experience any losses or expenses after following the banners or links to third-party sites.


We do not guarantee that the site will be free from viruses and bugs. Owing to the inherent risk of communication and transfer of data over the internet, we won’t be liable for any damages or losses whatsoever resulting from worms or viruses or other malicious loss or corruption of data or any damaged software or hardware. Our team recommends that you use your own virus protection software.

Third-party website links

Even though our website might link to other websites, we are not indirectly or directly indicating any sponsorship, approval, endorsement, affiliation, or association with any linked website, unless stated in terms of services. Some links on our website might be affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and buy an item, indiasneed.com will get paid an affiliate commission. We are not liable for evaluating or examining and we do not warrant the offering of any individual or business or content of their sites. We take no responsibility or liability for any third parties’ content, services, products, and actions. You ought to review carefully the conditions and the legal statement of using any website that you access using a link from our site. If you link to other off-site websites, it is at your own risk.

Messages from users

Generally, anything you post on the Indiasneed.com website, like data, photographs, information, messages, concepts, creative ideas, techniques, improvements, know-how, suggestions, or any other content that you have uploaded, posted, or submitted belongs to us. You provide Indiasneed.com a loyalty free and non-exclusive worldwide, perpetual and irrevocable rights and license to the material. At no time will there be a payment due to you at any time for any such information or content.

In addition, we have total authority to edit, review, and delete any material or message at our sole discretion. We may decide to monitor parts of the site for such transmission or posting even though we have no responsibility to carry on doing so. We might also decide to keep such information, which may also be disclosed if required by law or in good faith belief that such preservation and disclosure may be essential.

Service accessibility

In order to access and use this site and any other services that are linked to indiasneed.com, you need to have your own internet access and incur any service fee associated with this access. You are responsible for getting and paying for any equipment you need including but not limited to a modem, mobile device, computer, etc. In addition, you must be at least 18 years of age to gain access to or use any of our content or services.

User security and password

After completing your process of registration at the site, you will obtain a password and be entirely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of this password. Each activity that occurs under your password is your full responsibility.

Indiasneed.com won’t be responsible for any damage or loss arising from your noncompliance.

Reproduction rights

Without prior consent of the site, nothing on inidasneed.com site will be reproduced. Unless expressly authorized by our site, you agree not to upload, republish, distribute, reproduce, copy, publicly display, post or otherwise use any content or deviate works based on the website, content and service, or software in whole or in part.

Amendments and changes

We have the right to change this agreement or rules involving the site or service. Once we have posted the updated version of this agreement on the website, we will revise the updated date at the bottom of the page. Continued use of this site after changes have been made shall assume consent to those changes.


You consent that Indiasneed.com, in its discretion capacity, may terminate your password or use of the website for any reason, and for instance, if we believe you have acted inconsistently with the terms of service or due to lack of use of the site. Furthermore, we may decide to stop offering this website or services anytime and at our sole discretion.

Agreeing to these terms

You accept you have read this agreement and consent to all its terms and conditions. Using Indiasneed.com, you agree to be bound by this agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, you are not authorized to access or use the website and its services.

Terms and conditions changes

At our discretion, we may make changes to the terms at any time without any notice. We advise you to regularly visit the webpage to see whether there is any version that is updated.